Participant Expectations & Rules

  • Someone else in your group will keep your score.
  •  You will keep another player’s score.
  • At hole #1, identify what ball you are playing with and mark it.
  • Play “ready golf” at the tee.
  • Record all players’ scores from the previous hole before    starting the next hole.
  • Ages 13 – 18, girls from red tees, boys from white tees.
  • Boys & girls , ages 11-12 from red tees.
  • Boys & girls, ages 8-10 from advanced tees. Play only 6 holes.
  • Always play the ball where it lies. Exception: The embedded ball rule applies thru the green.
  • Free “drop” from wildflowers without penalty. Do not hit the ball from wildflower areas.
  • From “no mow” areas you have two options: 1) hit the ball from where it is. Or take a penalty stroke and “drop” just outside of the area, no nearer the hole.  “Drop” is 1 club length.
  • Count all strokes, penalty strokes and misses (whiffs).
  • No scores over 10 on any hole. Pick up your ball after ten                                     strokes, wait for your group to finish, and then advance to the next tee.
  • No “gimmies”. Putt out on all holes unless your score is over 10.   If score is over 10, circle 10 on the scorecard.
  • Out-of-bounds. “Drop” your ball inside of the white stakes, add a stroke, and then hit your ball.
  • Turn in your signed and added scorecard as soon as you have completed play.  Once signed, added and turned in, if you have added incorrectly, you will be assessed a 2- stroke penalty for signing an incorrect card.
  • Ties for the first four places will be broken using the “card back” system from the last hole played.
  • No GPS or electronic assistance devices. No cell phone while playing.
  • Ages 8 to 12…Adult advice is allowed as long as it does not hold up play.
  • Ages 8 to 12…No “hands-on” instruction from any NON-PLAYER.
  • Ages 13-18…No caddies or advice/assistance from any NON-PLAYER.

Most of all – have fun!

Rain / Storm Policy:

  • In the case of lightning/thunder, we will give the golfers appropriate warning and pull them off of the golf course.
  • Once this has taken place, the tournament will be canceled and players will not be allowed back on the course for the rest of the day.  Players waiting to play will not be able to start their round.  Unfortunately, CROJGA does not have unlimited access to the golf courses throughout the day.
  • If it is just raining, play will continue. We encourage all junior golfers to learn how to play in the rain.  As you advance in tournament play in high school and beyond, you will be playing in the rain.